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Thursday, June 11th, 2015 technology  research  practice

A Practice Tip

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I’ve previously blogged at Slaw Tips on the virtues of using Siri’s dictation functions to draft letters, emails and other documents typically created in day-to-day legal practice.

In short, dictation with Siri has increased my productivity, precision  and the overall quality of my work product.

For those who are similarly inclined, I wanted to share a great list of Siri commands that can be used for punctuating as you dictate.  With kudos and credit to iPhone Tricks, here is a partial excerpt:

Punctuation and Commands

Below you can find an extended list of punctuation and commands that iPhone’s voice recognition software can detect and apply.

Command                   Result
Period (Full stop).           .
Comma.                             ,
Exclamation point.         !
Question mark.               ?
Colon.                                :
Semi-colon.                      ;
Dash (Hyphen)               –
Forward slash.                /
Equal sign                        =
Dollar sign                       $
Euro sign                         €
Percent sign                    %
Registered sign              ®
Copyright sign               ©
Trademark sign             ™
Ampersand                     &
Smiley                              🙂
Open quote                     “
Close quote                     “
Open / Close paranthesis.             ( / )
Open / Close brackets                    [ / ]
Open / Close curly bracket.          { / }
New line                                            new line
New paragraph                              new pgh

Another good list of Siri Dictation Commands is here via CrushApps.

Sorry if the iPhone-centricity of this post has left anyone feeling bored or left out. Android and Blackberry users, feel free to entertain yourselves here.

Garry J. Wise, Toronto (@wiselaw on Twitter)

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