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Know When to Say “When”

This phrase is usually associated with too much merrymaking – particularly cutting off the intake of intoxicating spirits – but it can have real application to your law practice.  In …

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Are You Cloning Yourself?

We all like to be on the same wavelength with people we work closely with, but this tendency to select others like us can be a problem when seeking out …

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Network Up (And Down) the Ladder of Life

Unless you went to school in a one room prairie school house (or were home schooled), you were probably put into a class with other people your exact age, and …

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Meet Me at the Bar!

Everyone hates paying bar dues – especially lawyers who are members of a mandatory bar and have no choice about it.  But as long as you have to pay, why …

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Know the Real Score: Survey Your Clients Regularly

The short opinion survey is one of the easiest, cheapest, and least used client development tools available to the law firm.

In a 1995 Harvard Business Review article entitled “Why …

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Get Google’s Secret Sauce!

Google is one of the run-away success stories of the Internet. They rethought the business model for search, they drove all sorts of innovations and they have changed the way …

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