Get Google’s Secret Sauce!

Google is one of the run-away success stories of the Internet. They rethought the business model for search, they drove all sorts of innovations and they have changed the way that all of us think about information.

Because they know that they can’t stay on top of the search heap without the best people and practices, they recently decided to use their data gathering and analysis capabilities to determine what makes a good boss. Now, using the information they came up with, they’ve rethought the rule book for managing people and teams. It’s no surprise that their ideas on management are innovative, too.

Managing people in a law firm is no different from managing them at Google, or anywhere else. Lawyers and firms that want to reach the top of their game would do well to consider Google’s ideas on management. In an article published on March 12, 2011 in the New York Times, Adam Bryant discusses at length what he calls the often “forehead-slapping[ly] obvious” directives that Google’s Project Oxygen developed, and also created a stripped down, put-it-to-work-right-now version of Google’s Eight Good Behaviors and Three Pitfalls of Managers.

Shouldn’t an innovative firm like yours be putting Google’s Rules to work, today? They’re too good and easy- to-implement to pass up!

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