Plan to Succeed

Or maybe, to convey the meaning we’re really trying to express, it should be phrased as: “To succeed… plan.”

Regardless of how you say it, in order to make every day a successful one and keep your energy and enthusiasm levels high, you should spend the first few minutes of it (or – even better – a few minutes at the end of the day before) determining what your most important tasks are. Jot them down. Keep the list close at hand, cross tasks off as you go and, each time the inevitable interruptions and unexpected events that make up the practice of law pull you away from your priorities, use the list like a compass to quickly help guide you back on track.

Make daily priority lists for your personal life, too. We only go around once and this day will never come again. Decide what you want to get out of it, and don’t be dissuaded by the unexpected from reaching your goals.

Thanks to Nancy Byerly Jones for this practice management tip. As an additional tip, you can follow Nancy on Twitter.

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