QR Codes Can Help Grow Your Practice

At the Taste of TECHSHOW Dinner that we hosted back in April, one of the attendees, Kenneth Prochnow, a lawyer from Palo Alto, California, produced his business card, which was imprinted with a QR code. A couple of the more tech-savvy people at the table had QR code readers on their smartphones, and were quickly connected through this little code with Ken’s firm’s facebook fan page.

For those of you who as yet are only peripherally aware of QR codes, they are those little squares full of black and white squiggles that are starting to show up in more and more places, such as in print ads or on tags attached to products. Similar to bar codes but capable of containing much more information and able to be read by properly outfitted smartphones, these little codes allow the user to immediately be connected to much more information about a product or service than could be printed in the area that the code takes up. And because the code can be linked to an internet URL, they allow the provider to easily update the information that’s attached to the code without the waste of replacing printed materials.

QR codes are ubiquitious in Japan, where they were developed, and more and more North American businesses are adopting them. Could a QR code help you spread the word about your law practice, while allowing you to keep your message updated and fresh and show that your firm is cutting edge?


  1. Interesting to think about how to utilize a QR code for a law practice. I have wondered what the best approaches might be – linking to a facebook page or blog seems like a good idea to encourage viewers to check back for updates instead of a static homepage they might look at once then forget about.

    The QR code on your business card seems like a great idea, where else to best display them?

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