An Expansion of ‘Go to the Source’

Editor’s note: Thanks to Karen Sawatzky of the Tapper Cuddy Library in Winnipeg for today’s tip. Follow Karen on Twitter, read her column at or her posts at Library Technician Dialog or visit her at LinkedIn.

I got a request to find the top 5 London law firms, and then find the lawyers in a particular practice area.

I sent a message via Twitter to a London law librarian I know only from Twitter, and he replied immediately with the info I needed. It cut my research by several hours.

The point I want to make is that if you focus your “tweeple” in your field, you’ll find you have sources to go to when you get those out of left field questions.


  1. Great point. I get asked why I follow so many people on Twitter, and this is a big reason why–it is a fantastic resource. My work and interests are wide and varied, and so too are the people I follow to reflect those interests. And people tend to be quite helpful.

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