Diarize Research Follow-Up

Today’s tip involves following up.

When your research is initially prepared, you will likely find new items, or pending legislation. These future things may change the landscape that your initial research analysis paints.
Today’s simple tip is to diarize. Everything.

I use my Outlook calendar to diarize either recurring daily or weekly checks for things (like expected orders in council; court of appeal decisions, the expected publication date or comment deadline for draft regulations, etc.) It is very simple to create a calendar appointment that will popup a message to check for something on a future day. I use calendar appointments for this so that I can easily change the date, and I always see a popup reminder. I can turn the reminder into an appointment for my staff if I need to delegate, or I can forward the item as an email. It is very easy to turn an email into an appointment with a drag and drop as well.

What method do you use to diarize research followups?

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