Hyperlinking Citations With CanLex

I was asked to retrieve list of cases recently which reminded me about CanLex. As I wrote on Slaw a couple of years ago, CanLex is a website that hosts some Open API’s which offer tools that marry CanLII’s Content with LexUM’s Technologies. 

I like using the Reflex-API which lets you plug in a list of neutral citations and create an HTML output file with links back to CanLII.  It is a quick way to gather a hyperlinked list of material to then download or print.

This week’s tip is to use tools to make research gathering tasks faster and easier. Click the submit a tip link in the footer of this blog to share your tips.


  1. As of February 23, 2011 – Canlex is temporarily unavailable and will be relaunched soon.

  2. CanLII is offering this same service through their Hyperlinking tool as of December 16, 2011.

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