Read the Screen

Todays Tip: Read the screen

There is an adage that states familiarity breeds contempt. I am sure, like me, many of you have been to a training session for a web-delivered search tool that you have used for years. It is very hard not to get into a pattern where you use a tool the same way over and over, without exploring the possibilities that evolve with enhancements to a product.

Todays tip is a gentle reminder to read the screen. Look it over. Pay attention, not just to the function that you are using, but to all the possibilities.

You may get lucky and see something new, like this enhancement to Westlaw Canada that I noticed yesterday with the paper tablet symbol:

Carswell’s Legal Memoranda & Points of Law Icons will appear in those cases, legislative sections, and passages of commentaries that have been discussed in one or more memos. Remember to read product alerts too.

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