Real Time Searching

Plenty of innovation is happening around real-time search. Simon Fodden told us about Google adding real-time search in August 2010, Connie Crosby has blogged about the importance of real time news and information, and I have shared a tip about Social Mention.

Today’s Tip: Check out Topsy.

Topsy is marketed as a social intelligence tool.

Our fast-indexing technology ingests massive amounts of authored content from the world’s largest social networks and our live-ranking software applies influence algorithms to social data, identifying the most important content seconds after it has been posted to the social web. We produce a variety of metrics calculated from census-based social data sets, enabling businesses to interpret social signal in ways that are meaningful to each business segment’s needs, with high degrees of precision and in realtime.

One nice thing about Topsy is the integration of Google+ and search.   Test it out.  You might find something that you otherwise wouldn’t.



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