Use Your Calendar

Thanks to Simon Chester among others, we know that the Supreme Court of Canada intends to release it’s judgment in the National Securities Regulator Reference on December 22 at 9:45 EST. You will most likely find it first here or maybe here.

Today’s Tip is to use your calendar to diarize important watches.

Why your electronic calendar rather than an RSS feed or other automated technology to send you what you are waiting for? I have a few reasons for using this method:

  • Your calendar can be set to send you a beeping reminder
  • You most likely open your email in-box as soon as you start your workday, which means your calendar is front and centre as well
  • You can see if you have a conflict for when something is due to arrive and can delegate it
  • Calendar appointments have room for plenty of notes about what you need to do when something arrives
  • If you use a smart phone, your calendar is likely always in your pocket

I usually set my appointments for things like this to be one minute long.

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