5 Ways to Make an Easy-to-Remember, Ultra-Secure Password

Have several tips in draft, but came across (hat tip to Ben Schorr) this really great post on Yahoo’s Upgrade Your Life blog: 5 ways to make an easy-to-remember, ultra-secure password.

This is a must read. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Essential and very practical advice in this post – please read it – I guarantee you will change a bunch of your passwords.

And it closes with a good suggestion for those of us that can’t remember all our passwords: Consider using a password manager like LastPass and 1Password. With a password manager, you’ll use a master password to access the program or app, and it will auto-fill password entry fields for you as you log in around the web. Both these programs are well regarded and come in mobile and desktop versions to help you keep both your computer and phone safely locked down.


  1. After trialing LastPass I went with SafeWallet to manage my passwords and highly recommend it. http://www.sbsh.net/password-manager-safewallet

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