Use PC Decrapifier to Remove Unwanted Software From a New or Old PC

Some of you were lucky enough to have Santa leave a new computer or laptop under your Christmas tree. That’s great news. Now for the bad news: Unfortunately, most new computers come preloaded with a tons of junk software you don’t really want or need. These can be trial versions of various programs, including mainstream ones like Microsoft Office Online, one of the popular security suites, toolbars, utilities, games and other programs you have never heard of (and will probably never use).

Nice to have a chance to try some of these programs out, but in the long run you just don’t want them on your machine. Why? Your computer will take longer to boot-up and run more slowly. These programs will bug you with annoying pop-ups, they can use significant amounts of space on your hard drive and they may slow down your access to the internet. You want them off your machine ASAP.

You can manually remove the programs you don’t want, but there is an easier way. The PC Decrapifier is an easy to use tool will help you remove all the crap you don’t want on your machine! It also does a great job of helping you disable unnecessary startup items that can slow down your computer when it boots up. It takes you step by step through the process, giving you recommendations on what to remove, many of which can be removed unattended. PC Decrapifier works with all versions of Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista and is free for personal use (a commercial version is very inexpensive).

The PC Decrapifier also does a good job of cleaning crap software from an older computer. You will likely see a noticeable performance improvement after running it on an older computer.

A small word of caution: You need to be a bit careful about what you remove. PC Decrapifier will help you make some of the decisions. A Google search can help you with programs you don’t recognize or are unsure of. If in doubt, don’t delete a program or delete it only after you have created a Restore point so you can easily revert back to a previous configuration.

Download PC Decrapifier here. Here is a list of the top 50 applications removed by actual PC Decrapifier users:
#1 MSN Toolbar
#2 Ask Toolbar
#3 Norton Online Backup
#4 Acer Registration
#5 Times Reader
#6 Activate Norton Online Backup
#7 PDF Complete
#8 eBay Worldwide
#9 Skype Toolbars
#10 HP Advisor
#11 Bing Bar
#12 Barnes & Noble Desktop Reader
#13 Easy Internet Sign-up
#14 Dream Day Wedding Married in Manhattan
#15 Amazon Links
#16 Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools
#17 Smileyville FREE
#18 Piggly FREE
#19 Best Buy Software Installer
#20 America Online (Choose which version to remove)
#21 Game Park Console
#22 Bonjour
#23 Norton Internet Security 2005 (Symantec Corporation)
#24 Governor of Poker
#26 Hotel Dash Suite Success
#27 Poker Pop
#28 Luxor 3
#29 Jewel Quest 3
#30 World of Goo (remove only)
#31 McAfee Virus and Spyware Protection Service
#32 Game Park Console
#33 Bookworm Deluxe
#34 HP ProtectTools Security Manager
#35 Plants vs zombies
#36 Cooking Dash (remove only)
#37 Mahjongg Dimensions
#38 Norton Internet Security (Symantec Corporation)
#39 File Sanitizer For HP ProtectTools
#40 HP Setup
#41 Corel Home Office 5.0.56
#42 AOL You’ve Got Pictures Screensaver
#43 newsXpresso
#44 Message Center Plus
#45 eBay
#46 Blio
#47 AOL Connectivity Services
#48 Trend Micro Client/Server Security Agent
#49 Chicken Invaders 3
#50 LiveUpdate (Symantec Corporation)

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