Find the Best Free Online Clipart on the Microsoft Office Images Page

Adding some clipart, animations or photos is one of the best ways to make a presentation, newsletter or website look more professional. There are thousands of sites on the Internet that offer free and pay clip art.  While there is good content on some of these sites, many force you to deal with large amounts of advertising and many pop-ups.  Don’t bother with them.

The best source of free online clip art photos, animations and sounds, bar none, is the .  It has thousands of free images and media files, which you can very easily search by keywords and categories. Some of the photos are of professional quality.

Go to the site and check it out. You will like what you find there. And, if you see something you like, download it so you have it for future use and they rotate the content on the site.

And note, the licensing agreement for the site provides that you can freely reproduce the images as you wish, without having to worry about copyright or royalties, as long as you don’t sell them.  You can find this page at .

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