Four Tips for Easy Navigation of PowerPoint Slide Deck

Ever seen someone get up to do a PowerPoint with no clue about how to advance (or reverse) the slides. Ouch!!! Here are four neat tricks for navigating through your PowerPoint slides.

First, remember to use the space bar to advance to the next slide – one tap on the space bar will jump you one slide ahead. Of course, you can use PageDown or the right or down cursor keys to do the same thing, but the space bar is a much larger and easier to hit target if you are nervous or your hands are shaking.

And please remember – PageUp or the up or left cursor keys will back you up one slide.

Next up, here’s a great tip for jumping to a specific slide: If you press the Alt key, plus the one, two or three digits that represent the number of the slide you want to jump to, followed by Enter, you will jump to the specified slide. This shortcut is handy if you get to a point in your presentation where there are questions and you need to jump back to a key slide to give an answer. Jumping directly to that slide looks so much better than having to Page Up or Page Down through multiple slides. Make sure you memorize the numbers of the key slides in your presentation or having an outline or a list in front of you.

Lastly, remember the power of a “right click” on your mouse. A right click on the screen while you are in presentation mode pops up a menu with several options. If you select “Go” and then By title, there is a listing of both slide numbers and titles for every slide your presentation. Click on a particular slide in the list and you will jump directly to it.

With the above tips you will be able to navigate your PowerPoint deck like a pro.

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