How to Reopen an Accidentally Closed Browser Tab

How many of you remember the old days when you could only have one browser window open at time? Yikes! Thankfully, the current versions of mainstream browsers now let you open multiple sites and it is easy to switch between them by clicking on tabs.

But what happens when you accidentally close a tab and you want to get back to it? You can of course go digging around your History, but there is a faster way.

You can use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+T” to open the accidentally closed tab. This works in IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

A side note for those that are not familiar with the syntax for describing keyboard shortcuts. Simply remember that a plus sign (+) between two or more keys means that you press those keys, in the order they are listed, almost simultaneously, moving from left to right. For example, a capital B would be described as Shift+b. Release them in the opposite order.

Try this handy keyboard shortcut next time you accidentally close a browser tab.

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