Send a Text Message to a Mobile Phone via Email

There are times when a text message gets better attention than an email. And then there are times when you’re not able to text from you phone — for example because you’re at your desk and your phone is… elsewhere. In such cases, you can use your email program to fashion the 160-character message and ship it off to your recipient’s phone.

You only have to know which service your recipient uses (because each service has its own text-as-email address), which is likely to be the case if you’re sending the message to a friend or an office-mate who has a company phone.

In Canada the details are these:

Rogers Wireless: [10-digit phone number]
Fido: [10-digit phone number]
Telus: [10-digit phone number]
Bell Mobility: [10-digit phone number]
Kudo Mobile: [10-digit phone number]
MTS: [10-digit phone number]
President’s Choice: [10-digit phone number]
Sasktel: [10-digit phone number]
Solo: [10-digit phone number]
Virgin: [10-digit phone number]

And in the US this is what you need to know:

AT&T: [10-digit phone number]
Qwest: [10-digit phone number]
T-Mobile: [10-digit phone number]
Verizon: [10-digit phone number]
Sprint: [10-digit phone number] or [10-digit phone number]
Virgin Mobile: [10-digit phone number]
Nextel: [10-digit phone number]
Alltel: [10-digit phone number]
Metro PCS: [10-digit phone number]
Powertel: [10-digit phone number]
Suncom: [10-digit phone number]
U.S. Cellular: [10-digit phone number]
Cingular: [10-digit phone number]

Remember that you’re limited to 160 characters, so don’t clutter things up with your signature or disclaimer.


  1. Hi Steve, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! !. Sorry that TV crapped out. I guess you would have to talk to each other instead of watching TV. Yes Sat was busy specially in the PM. Hope you have a awesome Pete/Diane PS used computer to write this text message

  2. How do you text message a phone number?

  3. This was all really usefull, thanks for compilling the list. Any ideas if this works in an area in the Yukon that still uses CDMA?

  4. I need to know more about email to text. Can that be done, how? itemized procedure pleas? Or is it only possible text to email? Please advise.
    Thanks; Herb Eichner of
    PS. I do not own a website yet.

  5. audrey Dronsfield

    what has changed with my monthly billing , was paying 43 per month , message yesterday i only have 95/% left on this month , same thing last month ?

  6. thanks I was able to send texts. though apparently, when they replied (had to phone me!) said they responded. I can’t see their replies! How do I receive those texts back to me??

  7. It is noteworthy that some carries require that the email server be fully authenticated … In other words not all emails from private SMTP servers will be relayed to the recipient’s phone as an SMS text message … Virgin Mobile being one of them

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