Share Collections of Links With Bitly Bundles

Thanks to my good friend Catherine Reach at the ABA LTRC (Legal Technology Resource Center) for this tip. (And kudos for her patience to explain it to me a third time as I didn’t quite clue in the first two times she mentioned it to me.)

URLs can be a mile long – and quite frequently are longer than then the 140 character limit of a tweet. As we all know too well, long URLs are a pain to retype. Fortunately, bitly and other URL shortening services allow you to create URLs that are shorter and far more suited for inclusion in tweets or printed publications.

But what if you want to share multiple links at the same time? bitly bundles comes to the rescue to allow you to do this.

A bitly bundle is a collection of links that you access with a single shortened URL. This link ( takes you to a bitly bundle Catherine created listing tools for redacting electronic documents. The bitly bundle link takes you to a nicely formatted page on the bitly site that lists the collection of links she included in the bundle.

Creating a bitly bundle is fast and easy (although they could make the interface a bit more user friendly). You have to login on the bitly site (and you must create a free account to do so). Click on bundle and add your list of URLs in the blue text box. You can then add a title and annotation for the bundle and for each URL. bitly will grab a graphic from each linked page.

After sharing the bundle link, anyone that clicks on that link will see your collection of links. The pages that a bitly bundles appear on also have social media functionality as they allow comments. You can add, remove and reorder your collection of links after it is created. bitly bundles also gives you stats on how many times the bundle was viewed and how many time each link is clicked on.

Next time you need to share a collection of links try a bitly bundle.

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