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Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 technology  research  practice

A Technology Tip

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Sometimes data just demand to be presented in the form of a table. Besides, there’s something pleasing about lining things up this way and that way; it seems to make whatever is in the table cells clearer and your sense of control firmer.

While creating tables in Word isn’t all that hard, it does require going up to the menu and fishing around for the right buttons to push. If all you want is a series of compartments — cells — for confining a set of thoughts in a single row, you can whip up a table right from the keyboard.

Type the plus sign + followed by a tab and then another plus sign. Repeat as many times as you like to create more cells. When you’re finished, press Return after the last plus sign and presto! a simple table appears. What you see below would create a 5 cell table, for example.

+    +    +    +    +    +

One comment on Turning the Tables

  1. David Cheifetz says:

    Once you’ve created your first row, placing the cursor to the right of the last cell, between it and the “circle” and pressing enter will create the next row of cells.

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