But for Those Darn Clients

If you spend any time at all with practicing lawyers, you will invariably hear one or more complain that the practice of law would be wonderful “… if it were not for having to deal with those darn clients.”

Many lawyers view their clients as an obstacle standing between them and getting the “real work” of practicing law done. The day is busy enough without all those clients calling, coming by the office without an appointment and needing to have their hands held.

While being available to your clients when they need, or think they need, you will, of necessity, limit the time you have left over for other things, you should, nevertheless, embrace the opportunity to spend time with your clients whenever possible. The trend toward ever-increasing billable hours tends to isolate lawyers in the office, working, and the lawyers who have the most client contact tend to report being the happiest in their practices. Besides, were it not for these “needy” people with their “never-ending” problems, your educations and skills would not be needed.

Your firm may not support you in your effort to take the time needed to build a strong relationship of trust with each and every client. You must always be thinking about hitting that billable-hour goal that’s hanging over your head. It doesn’t matter. This is an individual responsibility to your clients and your career. And your overall career satisfaction will be directly proportionate to the amount of time and effort you invest in client relationship building.

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