Manage Chaos! Create a Shared Family Calendar

Our lives as lawyers are hectic enough even before we factor in busy family events. Accordingly our tip is to create a ‘family’ calendar where every family member can enter (and see) the entire spectrum of upcoming family events. Schedule movie nights! Put in Grandmother’s birthday party! The school play (where your daughter is on stage!). Also enter the evenings where you have business events to let everyone know Mom (or Dad) won’t be available until later (no need to put in confidential client info – just a notation that you have a business meeting is just fine).

If the calendar is on the web then everyone in the family can see it. Mobile family? Ensure that it can be viewed (and manipulated via smartphones and other mobile devices).

Platforms? You can use Google Calendar (where you can create individual calendars and link them) or a dedicated family calendar site such as Cozi ( Cozi also incorporates shopping lists, to do lists and is configured for mobile devices. Never forget a birthday or family event again!


  1. This was an awesome tip! Finally bit the bullet and opened an account for a family calendar.

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