Network Up (And Down) the Ladder of Life

Unless you went to school in a one room prairie school house (or were home schooled), you were probably put into a class with other people your exact age, and have been hanging out with people who are approximately the same age that you are ever since. To effectively market your law practice, break out of this mold and consciously make an effort to network with attorneys and other potential sources of referrals who are much older and younger.

Everyone wants to be with the “movers and shakers,” who are usually a little more advanced in their careers and, hence, a little older than those just starting in a career, but many younger lawyers tend to avoid the oldest “deans” in their firm or legal community because they think that these esteemed lawyers don’t have time for them.  Often, nothing could be further from the truth.  Many older lawyers would love the opportunity to pass on the benefit of their experience to younger lawyers.  Forming a relationship with such a lawyer can be a great source of mentoring and potential referrals as the older lawyer begins to curtail his or her practice.

If you are a relatively young lawyer, don’t disdain lawyers in your firm or community who are even more junior, or lower-level employees in your firm, either.  These juniors will remember and reward your kindness.  And just as you are progressing through your own career, many of these junior people are also rising in theirs and may one day soon be senior-level lawyers or managers who will then have the ability to throw business your way, and a career-long relationship with you to remind them why they should.

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