Check Your References

Today’s Tip is not about noting up cases and legislation found in the footnotes of a text, encyclopedia or journal article, though from the title, it could be. It is about using social tools to find and use the best sources and products that will help with legal work.

The Attorney At Work blog offers an excellent article today on the top iPhone and iPad Apps for Lawyers. This list is a great example of using references to assist in decision making. The post offers 10 apps and there is a longer downloadable list available with an email registration. I find the daily dispatch from Attorney At Work a welcome item in my morning email inbox.

Just in case you think I am stretching by posting this to the Research Tips, the download includes a full page of apps that are useful for legal research and reference. With prices. For example:

Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (Free) – The U.S. Manual of Patent Examining Procedure for your pocket. This app is packaged for lightning-fast browsing and search queries. Leave the heavy book at home.

The list does weigh toward American sources. If you have some great Canadian sources, I invite you to share with a comment.

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