Go to the Source

Today’s Tip is about looking at the original source of something. I had two good reminders of why this is important just this week.

  1. Lancaster House Online databases are now call First Response
  2. Somehow, in just linking to the database from the various (very well written) publications that we subscribe to, I missed the news that Lancaster House launched a new website and rebranded their online search tool. My fault entirely for not going to the source of the information to see how it was presented.

  3. Law21
  4. Jordan Furlong’s excellent Law21 blog has a nwe look and feel. Thankfully, Jordan reminded those of us who look at blogs through RSS or email subscriptions to check out his new site.

So, there you have it. Don’t miss news, or links you have to refresh, by relying on one method for viewing or consuming information. Once in a while, go to the source.

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