Pop Culture References for Legal Research

I posted at Slaw about my need for pop culture references for legal research training for law students. When I tweeted about my post Sarah Glassmeyer responded with the wiki I’ve got a hit. Wow!

A wiki describing video clips, songs and print illustrations from pop culture that can be used in class to demonstrate research techniques or legal concepts

What? Why? What?
Three excellent questions, to paraphrase Buffy. When preparing for class, we’ve all occasionally found ourselves wanting to throw in a little something which illustrates that lecture’s core concept — a brief example that will stick in the students’ minds or relieve the monotony of a 75-minute lecture. But trying to find the right one isn’t always easy. Then again, our own law professors did it; our colleagues do it from time to time too. Why not harness the hive mind and ask everyone to contribute ideas?

Way to go Deborah Schander and the law librarians at Georgia State University.

To illustrate how groovy this site is, follow the navigator in the right panel to Mandatory versus Persuasive Authority and check out the Good Will Hunting clip regarding a legal argument using Common Law.

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