Run-on Sentences

I was reading the proclamation for beginning the 1st Session of the 28th Legislature recently, which made my mind turn to run-on sentences. The Proclamation reads in part:

WHEREAS it is deemed expedient for certain causes and considerations to convene the Legislative Assembly of Our Province of Alberta for the First Session of the Twenty eighth Legislature, WE DO WILL that you and each of you, and all others in this behalf interested, on Wednesday, the 23rd day of May 2012, at the hour of 1:30 in the afternoon, at Our City of Edmonton, personally be and appear, for the despatch of business, to treat, act, do and conclude upon those things which, in the Legislature of Our Province of Alberta, by the Common Council of Our said Province, may, by the favour of God, be ordained.

The the Microsoft Word 2010 grammar default settings pass the above paragraph with no problems. A revision to the Proofing Options (found under the File tab – also called the Backstage View) tells me that this is a Long Sentence and I should consider revising it.

There are fee for service sites, like that will automate proofreading. Anyone using tools like these to improve your legal research output?

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