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The Google News service just turned 10. I know, it seems like a baby, and compared to the Globe and Mail, or the Edmonton Journal, or the Guardian, it is. But, as the post on Google’s blog points out “It’s undeniable that the online news landscape has changed immensely. ”

In the last ten years, Google News has grown to 72 editions in 30 languages, and now draws from more than 50,000 news sources. The technology also powers Google’s news search. Together, they connect 1 billion unique users a week to news content.

I use Google News mostly from the search perspective. Search leads to creating an RSS feed to monitor topics, names, organizations, litigation news, and more. I also use Google News to help monitor the firm’s brand. Google news doesn’t find everything, but it does offer good bang (reasonable content) for the buck (free).

Do you use Google News or some other media monitoring tool?


  1. Shaunna, I also use Silobreaker ( )Indexes news from hundred of sources.

  2. The Google News Archive can also be a helpful research tool, if one is trying to track down old newspaper articles.

  3. Excellent advice, thanks ladies.

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