Amazing MS Outlook Tip: Sort Your Inbox by Multiple Columns

Most MS Outlook users know that you can sort your Inbox by a single column. A single left-click on any column head will sort all the messages in the Inbox by the contents of that column. For example, alphabetically by subject or chronologically by sent or received date.
Note as well that a second click on the same column will sort the messages again in reverse order to the initial sort.
Sorting your Inbox by a column can be helpful for locating a message or deleting old messages.
But you can do more – you can actually sort your Inbox by two or more columns. It’s actually very easy to do.
First, sort by the first column by clicking on a column head. Then, hold the Shift key down and click on a second column heading. If you do this with From and the Received date, your messages will be sorted primarily by sender, and all the messages from each sender will be ordered chronologically.
You can add a third column to your sort by following the same steps. Wow!
Go tackle your Inbox – use the multi-column sort to find and delete all the old messages that are clogging your Inbox – I’m seeing the elusive “Inbox Zero” in your future.
A hat tip to Paul Unger for including this great tip in his presentation at the ABA LPM Section meeting in Napa last week.

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