How to Access Gmail When It’s Down

Many people experienced some degree of frustration today with the Gmail outage. The Internet is more reliable than it has ever been and most major service providers like Google very rarely suffer service outages. But when they do, it can be a great inconvenience, in both your personal and/or professional lives.

For that reason there are some lessons to be learned. If you store your data on the cloud, be prepared to operate when you can’t access the cloud or the particular service. What cloud services do you use and how long could you function with access to them? Consider the ones you can’t live without and what you can do to access them in alternative ways. There are many options, depending on what service you are using and how you access it. The alternatives could involve different hardware, software or an offline backup of your data.

If you use Gmail, this excellent post on Lifehacker gives you various alternatives for accessing Gmail, even when is down. It is a must read for anyone that uses and relies on Gmail.

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