Use an Email Message as a Reminder for Small Tasks

Through the course of the day, you will find many smaller tasks coming to your attention. They can come from many sources – perhaps you all of a sudden remembered something you wanted or needed to do, and more often than not, someone else will ask you to do something.
You can’t suddenly drop what you are doing every time one of these tasks comes up – you would never get anything done. But you need to make sure you capture a reminder of these tasks so you can complete them.
Here is a simple way you can do this: Open a new e-mail message when a small task comes to your attention. Type a short descriptive blurb in the subject line, and, if required, type more details in the subject line. This leaves you will a visual reminder of that task in your email program.
When you come back to your e-mail program through the course of the day you will get a helpful reminder of the task. Hopefully you can get it done at some point during the day.
However, if the task remains undone at the end of the day, simplly save the message in your Drafts folder so you have a reminder tomorrow. You can do this by closing the message (Click on the X to close it out.) and clicking on “Yes” on the request to save to your drafts folder.
When you start your email program the following day, you will have a detailed reminder of the task in your Drafts folder. Use this trick to make sure you capture smaller tasks. This technique is for capture smaller tasks that will take a few minutes or less. Tasks that take longer should be on your formal to do list.


  1. Great Tip Dan. I often use calendar appointments for this too, but once the popup reminder is cleared, it is gone…email is a good alternative

  2. Try marking your reminder message as unread instead of saving it as a draft. That way you won’t have to remeber to check your drafts folder. The message will just pop again next time you check your email.

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