Waste Time More Efficiently With These Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating Facebook

Would you like to more quickly navigate and jump between different Facebook pages?
Or, if you want to look at it from another angle, would you like to spend less time wasting time on Facebook?
Like many other applications and websites, there are some handy keyboard shortcuts that will let you more quickly jump around the various Facebook screens. Read on to learn them.
But, before we get into these actual shortcuts, some comments on the slightly different keys that are required in the various browsers. Most of Facebook’s keyboard shortcuts correspond with the numbers, starting with 1-5, which more or less take you left-to-right on Facebook’s main navigation links. Next, 6-0 will take you to various settings pages.
For each of the noted Windows and Mac browsers, the basic keyboard shortcuts use the following keys (where the # is replace with the number, letter or symbol listed in the next paragraph ):

  • Windows:
    • IE: Alt + # (And note, in IE you have to press Enter after entering the noted keys).
    • Chrome: Alt + #
    • Firefox: Shift + Alt + #
  • Mac
    • Safari: Control + Option + #
    • Chrome: Control + Option + #
    • Firefox : Function + Control + #

When substituted for the “#” in the various combinations above, the noted number, letter or symbol takes you to the specified page:

  • Above keys + 1: Home page
  • Above keys + 2: Your profile page
  • Above keys + 3: Friend requests
  • Above keys + 4: Your messages
  • Above keys + 5: Notifications
  • Above keys + 6: Account page
  • Above keys + 7: Privacy [And we all should remember to go to this page more often to check our privacy settings!]
  • Above keys + 8: Facebook’s Facebook page
  • Above keys + 9: Facebook Terms/Agreement
  • Above keys + 0: Facebook help center
  • Above keys + ?: Search
  • Above keys + m: Compose a new message

There you have it, go forth and waste time more efficiently with these Facebook keyboard shortcuts

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