Start a “Thank You” File

As we approach Christmas our thoughts, of necessity, turn to giving, receiving and gratitude.  These sentiments are the inspiration for this week’s tip.

Open a file (OK, maybe an email folder) just to save all the cards and letters (or electronic communications) from satisfied clients, the replies from speaking engagements, the letter from the Little League team your firm supported, anything that demonstrates that you are making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Practicing law is not always, or even often, easy.  But as we always say, “What gets measured gets done.”  Start measuring the impact that you are having on the world through your profession and your career, and when you’re discouraged and you start to doubt the worth of your work as a lawyer, pull out the file and flip through it.  Its a wonderful life we lawyers are privileged to live!

Seasons Greetings to you all!

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