Do the Down-Under Self-Audit

As we sign off on our Practice Tips for 2013, here’s a thought – if you have a bit of spare time on your hands over the break, why not complete a self audit of your firm – Aussie-style.

Australia’s Legal Services Commission makes it easy (and mandatory) with its online self-assessment audit form.

Addressing firm risk-management in areas including competency, communications, timeliness and delay, cost-disclosure, billing practices and termination of retainers, conflicts of interest, records management, undertakings, supervision of staff and practice, and trust fund handling, the Australian self-audit could afford you with a new window on the well-being of your firm – and help you to identify a few areas where your firm could do a bit better.

So that’s today’s tip: Do the Down-Under Self-Audit.

And perhaps, resolve for 2014 to implement a practice enhancement or two, based on the insights you glean.

–  Garry  J.  Wise, Toronto

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