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4 month CALENDAR


I admit that I have more than a typical fascination with technology.  But this tip is about as low-tech as you can get. I have used this system for all the time that I have been in practice, when practising in  firms as well as at the Law Society and I have found that it works exceedingly well.

In the image you can see a dry-eraseable 4 month calendar.  By placing this calendar in a prominent location in your office and assigning someone with the task of writing in all closings, court dates, limitation dates and the like that are upcoming over the next 4 months, everyone in your department, firm or practice group can see..visually ..what is coming down the pike.

By the fact that it is a dry-erasable calendar, when one month is gone..swoosh…you erase it and put in the dates and deadlines for the 4th month  in the future.  (Jan is gone?  Write in May’s deadlines).  Everyone can see the commitments for everyone else (use different colours for each person) so in the event that someone is away, you can jump in and ensure that nothing falls between the cracks.

Vacations can be planned this way as well, to ensure that you have staff and lawyer coverage at all times.

This kind of visual reminder system is easy to maintain, it is easy to use and it doesn’t cost a lot.  Great way to be reminded to complete your tasks!

-David J. Bilinsky, Vancouver, BC.

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