Making That Important Decision…

Sooner or later all of us will be facing a big decision.

Most of us put off making that big decision for a number of reasons…we fear making the wrong decision, we feel we don’t (yet) have enough information, we fear that we may be making the decision for the wrong reasons or we fear offending the feelings of those that are near to us by our choice (that may conflict with their views of what you should do).

Having done considerable research into this area just recently – in reading many papers, blogs and advice sites (and compared their information with what feels right) here is a summary of the tips that I have gathered in this area:

1. Collect as much information as possible. You can never get perfect information but you can be reasonably satisfied that you have done your due diligence in assembling the facts.

2. Don’t rush. Give your subconscious time to play with the situation, the facts and your feelings. This is a vital part of making the decision, otherwise known as ‘sleeping on it’.

3. Talk it out with others whose judgment and insight you trust. This is also vital – it provides you with a trusted ‘sounding board’ within which you can explore your thoughts, feelings, fears and desires.

4. Recognize that a big decision almost always means leaving your place of comfort and moving forward into the world. Don’t allow a fear of the unknown to create paralysis.

5. Clear your mind. Before you make that big decision go somewhere where you will be quiet and undisturbed. Begin by taking in many deep long breaths…and close your eyes….allow time and breathing to clear your thoughts and allow a calm to settle.

6. Ask yourself – what will bring you closer to your life’s goals and desires? If a decision is not in alignment with what you desire from life – the goals that you wish to reach..the “thing” that you need to do in your life to make it full and complete…then the chances are that this is not the right decision for you.

7. Now – Trust your Gut. In everything that I have read on this topic this is the most common and the most persuasive of all the techniques. Your mind and body have an internal sensor, compass or ability to discern what is right for you. Only you have the ability to tune into that internal voice. No one else can have this built-in ability to feel what is the right decision for you.

8. Now ..having made the decision…move on it! Allow yourself – wholeheartedly – joyfully – and completely – to act on your new decision. Allow it to now be part of you and your future.. Embrace it!

9. Give yourself time..but go back and evaluate your decision-making process. This is an important step – for you wish to be a learning individual. Making a big decision is a life-experience and you wish to take away as much as possible in order to make better and better decisions as you move forward in life.

All of us need to make a big decision sooner or later. Hopefully these tips will assist you in your next decision.

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