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Tremblant Sunset - photo credit: Garry J. Wise

What is the most meaningful point of value that lawyers and other legal professionals are able to bring to our clients?

In What do Lawyers Sell?, Law 21’s Jordan Furlong addresses this crucial question from a  client’s point of view, and really hits it out of the park.

I’ll let Jordan do the talking from here:

Almost every client, when he first contacts a lawyer, is legitimately anxious about something important. He’s worried, he’s not sleeping well, his emotional well-being is compromised. ”Peace of mind” is what that client gets in that blessed moment when he can say to himself, “It’s alright. I’ve talked to a lawyer, and she’s given me options, and she’s working on the matter, and she’ll take care of it. Someone is looking after it, or will help me through it. I can start to relax now.” And he does.

…Clients buy peace of mind — that’s what they want when they hire a lawyer. Gear everything about your practice — your first consultation, your personal manner, your client communications, your dependable prices, your transparent activities — towards increasing your trustworthiness and reliability and relieving your client’s worries and burdens. You will be a happy, successful lawyer with happy, satisfied clients.

From this perspective, the client sees the lawyer’s skills, expertise, knowledge, execution, track record and bedside manner as simply the means to an end – and that important end is the client’s ability to relax a bit, in full comfort that his or her legal concerns are being handled competently, effectively and transparently.

So today’s practice tip comes via Jordan Furlong and Law21: What our clients really want is the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are in good hands.

It is simply our job to justify that confidence.

(Photo Credit: Tremblant Sunset – Garry J. Wise)

– Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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