Where Do You Go to Get Inspired?



Time to bare the soul time. There are days when all of us…and here I speak of no other than myself –  get ground down by the daily grind: days where the simple acts of life seem to be oppressive and it is difficult to see the joy in life given all that you have to do. But all of us know that you can’t let this get you down. Silly really, given that we all live in a continent that brims with wealth and opportunity. We all know that you have to get up and set your eyes on the beauty in life, on the things that make life joyous, meaningful and truly bring value and meaning to others. You need to keep looking for ways that you can help others..since it is really in helping others that you truly help yourself.

So how do you get inspired? Everyone has their own method.  Some meditate.  Some find inspiration in nature and the outdoors. Some help out youngsters and see the joy that they take in life. Some head out on the roads and trails to run. Some do yoga. Others read.

But there are days when you can’t get outside or find a quiet place to meditate.

Speaking personally, I find inspiration in reading about people who have achieved great things or listening to inspiring talks. That is where TED comes in.  www.ted.com, if you haven’t already visited it, is well worth your time. There you will find inspiring talks by some simply incredible people.  Just this week I listened to Boyd Varty talking on “What I learned from Nelson Mandela” and his close encounter with a crocodile and how someone saved his life. Steve Jobs “How to live before You Die“, the commencement address at Stanford University, is a totally moving talk that I have listened to on several occasions.  Steve talks about how you can only connect the dots looking back on life; on how you have to believe that the dots will connect going forward.

Then there is Mark Bezos on don’t wait until you make your first million to help someone in “A Life Lesson from a Volunteer Firefighter.”

Listen to the stories.  Get inspired.  And go out there and help someone.

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