Never Start From Scratch

The fastest path is one that you have already traveled. The sign posts are familiar and likely the vehicle as well. You will know how to get where you are going and likely how long your trip will be. This is as true for legal research as it is for your daily commute.

Look to your prior work product. While each client has a unique situation, there are enough similarities in the issues that they bring you that you will be able to use your experience for the best research outcomes.

Keep and search your work product (research memos, opinion letters, advice you give in an email, notices, briefs, pleadings, factums, etc.) so that you don’t have to start each research problem from scratch.

An inspiration Hat Tip to the new APLEN Training Centre, a resource launched yesterday for libraries to share their training materials and learn from the collective experience of library staff. The Training Centre developed by the Alberta Public Library Electronic Network is available to the public as well as to libraries.

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