Note Up Legislation – Old School

Yesterday I whined a little about how hyperlinks and convenient search tools may be making for lazy researching. Today’s Tip is a reminder about how to search for judicial consideration of a statue section without using those convenient tools in CanLII, Quicklaw and Westlaw .  If you are looking for cases that consider section 119 of the Health Professions Act, RSA 2000, c H-7 you could use the legislation note up shortcut tools that are provided with your favourite service OR you can search within any full text case law database with this formula:

“name of act” /10 #

Stated in words, the search is: act name as a phrase within 10 words of the section number. Using my example, the search looks like this:

“Health Professions Act” /10 119

Here are the CanLII results filtered for Alberta for the above search.


  1. Chantal Bélanger

    I was asked a question recently : can we trust the note up tools or should we double check with a full text search ? Are all the databases equally reliable ? Thank you.

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