I read novels more than once, which is a family trait in my household. We also watch television programs and movies more than once. There have been instances of multiple format consumption as well – I like the text version of To Kill a Mockingbird a whole lot more than the audiobook and movie.

We recently acquired a new LED HDTV with blah blah blah (options that make it provide   remarkably clear, disturbingly life-like, images). The features are not important, but the takeaway illustrates something useful: a new method of viewing or using something may make it worth the time investment  to revisit it.

An example, you have read a particular text that is now  part of an online service, revisiting the content using a new format may cause you to see the content that you think you know differently. The consumption experience can change the way you remember the content consumed.

We have been watching Episodes I – VI of Star Wars on our new TV. Though this is the third or fourth time through revisiting this content, I am seeing (learning) new information that I have not noticed in the past.

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