Words That Lead to Sources

Emond Montgomery Publications, a respected Canadian Legal publisher, has a super resource available (with a free login and password) for going from a legal word to sources of legal commentary.  It is found on the EMP website using the “Click for free legal glossary” link in the site header to get to the Glossary of Legal Terms.

Unlike many legal dictionaries, the terms are not just defined, or defined using judicial decision references, rather the definitions are derived from within the catalog of Emond Montgomery Publications.

Following the source links under a definition will net you possibilities for purchasing the title (including buying it with an immediate download option.

Sample glossary term:

accelerate demand immediate payment
Source: http://www.emp.ca/books/281-2

Today’s Tip is about using this resource (and glossaries in general) to help identify the specific area of law that the key term is leading you to.  EMP, like other legal publishers, offers up the table of contents for their titles so that you can see details (keywords) about the type of book that would contain the glossary term.

Irwin Law’s Canadian Online Legal Dictionary is another online legal dictionary that offers legal textbook references.

I would much start with author commentary on a legal term than judicial commentary.  Textbooks lead to decisions, but decisions don’t always lead back to texts.

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