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Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 technology  research  practice

A Technology Tip

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I am a Blackberry person, and I’m holding out (with great patriotic hope) for a new BB10 Blackberry with a real keyboard (apparently there is a model with a real keyboard). I like the real keys on my Blackberry Torch. I have tried onscreen keyboards and find they are frustrating. I find them to be non-responsive and I hit often seem to hit the wrong key.
All that said (and to avoid a flurry of unfriendly comments from the platoons of iPhone and Android users, and the occasional Windows phone users that are out there),I recognize there are different strokes for different folks. Some of my best friends love their iPhones and other devices with onscreen keyboards. And some of them are even ex-Blackberry users that swear they can type as fast or faster on their touchscreens as they could on their trusty old Blackberry keyboard.
If you are a Blackberry convert (by choice or not) or are otherwise struggling to make your touchscreen keyboard work, you need to read the How Can I Improve My Mobile Typing Skills post on LifeHacker by Adam Dachis. He has some great pointers on how to improve your touchscreen typing technique, some apps that give you better onscreen keyboards, and tips on how you can use text expansion to increase your typing speed.
Happy typing everyone, even those with touchscreen keyboards!

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