iPad Obliterate: A Tech Tale of Disaster (And How a Backup Can Avoid Heartache)

Lance Ulanoff did an op-ed post titled “iPad Obliterate: A Tech Tale of Disaster” on Mashable last week. In the post he relates his personal story of how he lost all the data on his iPad.crying-baby
His post should be required reading for anyone with a mobile device as there are some very important lessons in it. First and foremost – you must backup the data on all your devices. Second, the point that on an iPad or other iOS device, a “Restore” is really a “factory reset” which deletes all data (as it does on most electronic devices).
Do you have a recent backup of the data on your iPad, Pod or any other device you own? If you answered no, please take steps to backup your data now. If you need a little push and persuasion to make the effort, read Lance’s post. A backup is especially important if you are going to update the operating system on your device or make other configuration changes on your device. Most of the time you won’t need a backup – but if you do – it can be a life saver.

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