Passphrases Can Help You Remember Complex Passwords

Creating a long, unique, complex (letters in upper and lower case, numbers and symbols) and random password for every service you use is the best practice standard when it comes to using secure and strong passwords.MP900390550 If you follow this advice however, your passwords will be an unreadable mix of letters, numbers and characters. While good for security, they will be hard to remember.
As a solution, consider using a “passphrase” to remember complex passwords. A passphrase is a mix of letters, numbers and characters that has a translation that makes it easier for you to remember the correct sequence. Here are some sample passphrases:

  • !am@#1DJ!nuSSr “I’m a number one DJ in Russia”
  • Rm@y0risKrayz “Our mayor is crazy”
  • l@wPR0!sgr8! “LAWPRO is great!”


  1. Or: first words of songs – and reminder can be a clue to the name of the song.

    So password (which could be turned into uppper and lower case and special characters too): Y,amtssfa,Nilatthts!
    Clue: Y1&2
    Actual generator: Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, Now it looks as though they’re here to stay!

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