Pin Programs to the Windows 7 Taskbar to Be More Efficient

Any program on your computer can be “pinned” to the Taskbar. This makes it visible as an icon on the Taskbar and allows easy access without having to use the Start Menu. To pin a program to the Taskbar, right-click on the program or shortcut to the program and in the menu choose the Pin to Taskbar option. Alternatively you can also drag the icon to the Taskbar.
If you want to remove a pinned program, right-click on the Taskbar icon and click Unpin this program from the Taskbar. Alternatively you can also drag the icon off of the task bar and then click Unpin this program from the Taskbar.
Any pinned or opened program on the Taskbar can be moved and arranged. Left-click on any icon on the Taskbar and drag it to the location you want it to remain.
Pin your favorite or most frequently used programs to the Taskbar – you will find this very helpful for the programs use on a daily basis.


  1. I’ve already fooled 3 of my friends into thinking that I use Windows 8 and not Windows 7.Can we get transparency after applying Windows 8 RTM theme? Just like the Windows 8 Metro Theme for Vista.

  2. Thanks for the info; I have figured that out but am still stumped on another related issue:

    In Windows XP I had an icon on my Windows taskbar that would take me directly to the desktop, no matter how many windows were open. Is there a way to do this in Windows 7?

    I will appreciate any help.


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