Reposition Photos on Your Facebook Timeline

Photos uploaded to Facebook don’t always appear how you want them when they are displayed on your Timeline. Photos, and especially wide photos, will be cropped so they fit in a square box on the Timeline. This may cut off a part of the photo that you want displayed.FBlogo
Don’t fret – there is an easy way to fix. Place your mouse over the update containing the photo you want to adjust. Click on the “Edit” icon (the pencil) in the top right corner of the update. You will see a “Reposition Photo” option. Click on this, then slide your photo up, down, left or right. Press save when you get the photo in the position you want. Bingo – people will see what you want them to see.
You can do the same thing with your Cover photo. Place your mouse over it, click on the Change Cover button and select Reposition.


  1. This method doesn’t seem to work when the photo is included within a link. In other words, when I am posting and add a link, I can select which of three photos I want to display but can’t reposition them. If I just post a photo, your method works. Can you give me any hints about repositioning a photo that is included in a link? Thanks.

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