Use Alerts So You Are Never Late for an Appointment

Are you frequently late for meetings and appointments? “My lawyer made me wait” is an all too common client complaint. Being late all the time is something that will really annoy clients – and other lawyers too.
For those of you that get lost in the demands of a busy schedule, there is a simple trick you can use to avoid being late for things: When setting a meeting or appointment, remember to set a reminder or alert as well.
Most calendar programs have a feature that lets you add a reminder or alert to each meeting or appointment entry. This alert or reminder gives you an audible and/or visual reminder of the upcoming appointment at a pre-set time before the meeting.
When you create an appointment, set a reminder with an appropriate amount of time to allow for necessary preparations or travel time. If the meeting is in your office, five minutes could be sufficient. Or perhaps 30 minutes if you need some time to review documents to prepare for the meeting. If you have an appointment that is out of the office, create a reminder that factors in your travel time. These reminders will give you a helpful nudge so you are prepared and on time for you next appointment. These reminders will usually sync to the calendar on your smartphone as well.
Double-checking your reminders at the start of the day can help as well. You may need extra time to prepare for a meeting or for travel if there has been a snow storm.

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