Use Google Docs to Alter PDF Documents

PDF documents are great when you want to make it easy for anyone to view or print a document. But what happens when you need to alter a PDF? google_docs_logoYou can, of course, do it with Adobe Acrobat or other expensive PDF Editors, but you can also do it for free with Google Docs! It’s easy.
First, take the PDF you want to alter and upload it to Google Docs. Next, check the Convert text from PDF and image files to Google Documents checkbox. This converts a PDF document into a rich text document you can edit. When you are done your edits, you can download the document as text or flip it back into a PDF file.
Bet most of you didn’t know you can alter PDFs with Google Docs.


  1. Does Google Docs still exist? Hasn’t it been replaced by Google Drive? How does this technique work in Drive? (I find Drive hard to use compared to Docs, but I can’t say I’ve tried for very long.)

  2. greetings i tried using Google Docs as per your instructions, its working thanks, but i have 210 pages document and its displaying some 25 pages, what is the solution to display ALL 201 pages for converting into ms word docs. Thanks

  3. Google docs has been replaced by Google Drive. Here is how to use Google drive to edit normal and also scanned PDF files. If you meet problems when using Google Drive, you can also turn to other alternatives. Here is the source:

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