Main Street..or Wal*Mart? Is It Time to Rethink Your Marketing Mix?

♫ These are the people of Walmart
Through mark downs, roll backs, and shopping carts
These are the people of Walmart
Where we save money and shop smart only at Walmart…

Lyrics, music and recorded by Jessica Frech.





They teach you in business school to carefully evaluate your ‘marketing mix”. When it comes to a law firm’s marketing mix, the discussion is typically centred around the 7 P’s of law firm service marketing:

  • Product
  • Promotion
  • Place
  • Price
  • Physical Evidence
  • People
  • Processes

What is unique in North America is that there is a law firm – Axess Law – that has taken a bold step into rethinking the traditional marketing mix for a law firm.

Here is their contact info from their website for one of their offices:

axess law walmart address









What are their products? They state:

Whether you are looking for a real estate lawyer, an estates lawyer, a family lawyer, a notary public to notarize or commission your documents or a business lawyer to draft your business agreements, we can help you.

What is their promotion? This is from their website:

Axess Law has highly experienced, trained and dedicated lawyers and legal representatives on staff similar to what you would expect to find at any other law firm. Unlike other firms, our approach to law is refreshingly different. We believe that law should be accessible to all, should be available at times that suit you and at prices that make sense. ‘Law Made Easy’ is not just our trademarked slogan – it is the philosophy that guides our everyday business.

Their place is obviously just inside a Walmart store..with convenient hours and free parking.

Their prices are aimed at the Walmart shopper: They advertise the lowest legal fees in Ontario for home purchases (guaranteed! they say) and $99 personal wills.

Judging by their website, their physical evidence reflects their style: Simple, clean and uncomplicated. One major difference is that you won’t find the traditional listing of the lawyers in the firm with their stuffy bios. Their website is strictly focused on the consumer of their services.

Who are the people who deliver these services? They state: “Dynamic challenges. Amazing people. Your career starts here.” Their website is an active listing of the people that they are looking for to join them: …with the Law Clerk position listed first, then Client Service Associate and at the end, Lawyer.

What about their processes? Their motto is “Law Made Easy“.

This is one dynamic firm. They have obviously thought through their approach to the market and they are taking a different direction from most, if not all, of the law firms in North America today.  These are the people – and the lawyers – of Walmart.

-David J. Bilinsky, Vancouver.

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