Your Wireless Dead-Spots Can Actually Get a Life

D-Link1320Do you have wireless dead zones in your office or home where your signal weakens or even drops? Well, good news is on the way.  You can breathe immediate new life into your Wi-Fi coverage with a wireless range extender.

They come in various shapes and forms. Some plug into your electrical outlets and use your internal electrical wiring to carry signal, while others simply plug-in to your wall outlet, and connect wirelessly in a snap to your router.

We have had a difficult corner where our wireless signal has nearly always been compromised. The product I chose to solve our problem was the D-Llnk DAP 1320 wireless range extender.

By locating the wireless extender strategically in a location where signal was strong, we were able to carry the signal around an L-shaped corner, and presto voilà, problem solved, with three healthy bars now showing on my iPad’s wireless signal indicator.

By far, the DAP 1320 is the best reviewed product it its category for its ease of installation and superior performance.

About the size of an old iPhone 4 charger, set-up on the DAP 1320 couldn’t be simpler. To get started, you simply press a button on the wireless range extender, then press another button on your router, and the 1320 essentially does the rest.

As a final step, quickly configure the 1320 via your web browser to set your new wireless network name and password, and you are done.

At a cost of $39.95 it is pretty hard to argue with.  Once installed, the expanded netwoprk hub will appear as a discrete network when you are searching for available WiFi signals.

Choose the extended network you have named, enter your password and you will be up and running.

So today’s tip is: Breath life into your wireless network – use a wireless range extender to inject new vigour and strength into your  Wi-i-Fi networks.

 – Garry J. Wise, Toronto (@wiselaw on Twitter)

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